Mother’s Day

Today is Mamas day! I can’t wait….yesterday I got cheez itz maybe there will be cake! I hope Mama has a great Mamas day I loves her! She gets up early and takes me out & feeds me. I LOVE Mama.


Thursday May 10, 2012

Great morning! Dad played fetch w/me before he went to work! I LOVE when he has time for me. ┬áRain slowing down maybe we get some sun today so we can play outside. Mamas day is this weekend! I will let her play with me extra this Sunday! Only kidding I think I’ll give her a kiss on the nose and lay by her feet looking at her w/ my sad eyes…Maybe she drop some of her cake & I get some Yummmm!

Tuesday May 8,2012

Played fetch w/Mama… after a couple of sprints back & forth I give her the sad eyes and she puts a low fat treat in my fetch ball. The sad eyes get her everytime. can’t wait till Johnny gets home.. he gives me the Milkbone! #Can’twaittill2:30