Mama wants to be a Millionaire apparently

Yesterday was a weird day. Mama went out yesterday, something she never really does…She didn’t get home till late, the boy was with her. My WHOLE day was off kilter. No low fat nuggets, no runner, I was Sad so sad! But then Daddy came home!!!! He took me outside played with me on my runner!! Yeah!!! I did the boot scoot and pooped like no tomorrow!!! It was Legendary! Than he gave me a Milk Bone and I stretched out inside on my bed. When it was pill time Daddy gave me my pill differently than Da Mama…I had it on a Cheez it with peanut butter Mmmmm! I loves me the Daddy! Mama apparently was taking a test to be on a show where she could win a million dollars, that could get me a whole load of low fat nuggets for sure! We will find out in a few weeks if she gets on till then I’m keeping my paws crossed.



Today is Monday and I am tired. Yesterday was a great day! I played all day and chased birds & butterflies! What more could a dog ask for! Ummmm…pets and low-fat nuggets thats what! My mama always puts low fat nugets in my treat ball when I bring it to her. Maybe after my nap I will bring it to her.

Thursday May 10, 2012

Great morning! Dad played fetch w/me before he went to work! I LOVE when he has time for me.  Rain slowing down maybe we get some sun today so we can play outside. Mamas day is this weekend! I will let her play with me extra this Sunday! Only kidding I think I’ll give her a kiss on the nose and lay by her feet looking at her w/ my sad eyes…Maybe she drop some of her cake & I get some Yummmm!

Wed.May 9, 2012

Raining all day..So wet can’t play outside. Mama clipped my nails for me now she says I have “Quiet Paws” little does she know it makes it all the more easy for me to lick stuff I’m not supposed to!

Tuesday May 8,2012

Played fetch w/Mama… after a couple of sprints back & forth I give her the sad eyes and she puts a low fat treat in my fetch ball. The sad eyes get her everytime. can’t wait till Johnny gets home.. he gives me the Milkbone! #Can’twaittill2:30

Hello World! I’m Ralph

My name is Ralphie and I am a 6 yr old chocolate lab. I live on Long Island with my family. I share my birthday with my human brother Johnny. I came to my family on St.Patrick’s Day six yrs ago. It has been one crazy ride since then.

I was your normal crazy chocolate lab and by that I mean yes….I chewed up everything in-site. Sheet rock, floor tiles, duct tape you name it! I was bored. My humans understood..that’s why I have sooooo many toys.

But that was then, lets fast forward a few years…I’m grown up and more awesome than ever.